Murder 0n the Menu

MURDER MYSTERY dinners start with some 'unusual' characters joining guests for pre­dinner drinks.

During dinner various things will start to happen. There may be an argu~ent, a knowing wink, sly whispers or revelations of past intrigue. When the heinous crime is finally perpetrated and the murderer has struck - no one must leave the building - so be warned.

When our intrepid inspector arrives you will be given the chance to question these rather dubious persons. At the end of the evening after guests have had chance to name the murderer all is revealed.

We have an extensive list of over 30 plots, which is available on request ranging from Victorian, 20's, 30's, 40's, 60's to the present day.

"EVEN MY WIFE HAD BEGUN TO SUSPECT ME"          Sunday Sun, Newcastle


IT WAS GREAT FUN TRYING"          Sheffield Star